ABOUT RHH: A Bucket List Dream

Red Hot HealthcareRED HOT HEALTHCARE is a new podcast with engaging episodes between Steve and healthcare executives and Health IT leaders that are moving the needle. The show is carried on ITunes, Stitcher, and most major podcast outlets.

Subject matter and guests of the show span across the provider, payer, medical device, pharmaceutical, political, health policy, and HIT industries. Target listeners and subscribers are corporate professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs across many healthcare industries, health media, AND motivated, educated healthcare consumers.

We’re always seeking those who carry new information, valued opinions, and are comfortable with communicating to audiences. If there another industry colleague, innovator, or someone extraordinary whom you feel would make a good interviewee for Red Hot Healthcare, feel free to forward them to media@redhothealthcare.com

Key aspects of the show:

➤ Guests and their companies DO NOT pay us to be on the show

➤ We DO NOT pay guests to be on the show

➤ All interviews are typically 30 min. and done on Skype (audio-only)

➤ Extensive background done to develop more engaging interview questions and content 

➤ All guests know and agree upon interview questions/content beforehand

➤ The show is post-edited for clear quality and removal of interruptions

➤ Guests receive an MP3 of the interview to use as they wish for their own marketing