“The quality, type, and targeting of content your company shares speaks volumes to those you serve or wish to serve.”


–  Steve Ambrose

Helping health and health tech organizations improve results in demand generation, thought leadership content, product marketing, and brand awareness

More than ever, the healthcare market carries highly competitive segments with products and services that are increasingly commoditized to the customer and consumer. Is your organization TRULY using all of its opportunities and capabilities around thought leadership to build market awareness, growth trust, and add results into its marketing and sales efforts?

I bet not.

I’m Dr. Steve Ambrose, and that’s where I help. My 30-plus years across many areas of healthcare, blending with executive-level communication, deep area knowledge, and ability to insert seamlessly with leaders and within business segments is the magic. It’s why leaders recommend my work and results. 

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A few samples of senior-level content having my involvement

See more on my portfolio here.

One variation of my work is “man on the street” videos that coordinate with company digital teams to drive booth attendance and social media uptick. 

Companies retain me to help with their live show efforts—See video below

Engaging with top healthcare leaders, subject matter experts, and well-known luminaries from:

Strength & skills that help efforts and results in sales, marketing, and branding

✅ Advertising
✅ B2B
✅ B2C
✅ Content Development
✅ Content Strategy
✅ Copywriting
✅ Customer Engagement
✅ Digital Marketing

✅ Editing
✅ Voice of Customer
✅ Journalism
✅ Marketing
✅ MarCom
✅ Marketing Strategy
✅ Messaging
✅ Positioning

✅ Public Speaking
✅ Research
✅ SaaS/PaaS
✅ Sourcing KOLs and SMEs
✅ Storytelling
✅ Strategy
✅ Thought Leadership
✅ Writing

Developing content in these formats rooted in thought leadership

☑️ Articles
☑️ Blogging
☑️ Case Studies
☑️ Editing
☑️ FAQs

☑️ Industry Reports
☑️ Live event moderation
☑️ LOQ development
☑️ Podcasts & Vodcasts
☑️ Presentations

☑️ Roundtables and Panels
☑️ Thought Leadership
☑️ Video Interviews
☑️ Website Content
☑️ White Papers


Steve made a huge impact during his time at Innovaccer. His thought leadership content helped lead a 151% year-over-year increase in inbound traffic to our company website. He helped launch the Innovation Accelerator Podcast and built an audience from zero to 30K+ listeners in a little more than a year; transformed content marketing by crafting and collaborating on some Innovaccer’s most successful white papers; improved the editorial quality of our social media and demand generation content; and worked with our leaders and SMEs, bringing a wealth of fantastic ideas to the table that helped elevate our content marketing.

I would hire him again in a heartbeat!

- Andy Burtis

Chief Marketing Officer, Innovaccer

I highly recommend Steve for any role in B2B content marketing and healthcare. He consistently exceeded expectations in delivering high-quality multimedia materials (blogs, white papers, podcasts, vodcasts, videos) and meeting tight deadlines. Despite a heavy strategic workload, Steve went above and beyond by taking on additional projects and delivering excellent results.

His work has resulted in some of the most effective content we have published, from generating inbound traffic to form-fills and MQLs. 

Steve will be a valuable asset to any organization. Highly recommended!

- Rich Levin

Vice President, Content Marketing, Innovaccer

Steve understands healthcare and makes it entertaining for the audience. If you’re interested in healthcare transformation, listening to his work is a great start.                                                                                                                                                                                 

– Stephen Klasko, Former CEO, Jefferson Health

As a marketing person by trade, I feel qualified to say that Steve is one of the best I’ve worked with over the past decade. Tenacious, persistent, consistent and timely, Steve understands the urgency and mastering of how to communicate just the right thing at just the right time.

– Gary Druckenmiller, Jr.
  General Manager, CRM, Innovaccer

The show research, interview, and quality of final release really demonstrated Steve’s value and skills. Plus, the listener response was strongly positive. Thank you for your help regarding our efforts to transform healthcare!

  – Mikelle Moore
Chief Community Health Officer, Intermountain      Healthcare

Steve knows the industry, does his homework, is well organized and inquisitive. He is very professional, exudes confidence and is a true partner.

– Seth Serxner
  Former SVP of Population Health, Optum

Steve is very knowledgeable on top-of-mind healthcare issues and knows how to connected different areas to add value. He has amazing communication skills and has the ability to take complex subject matters and make it more engaging and understandable.

– Michael Archuleta
  CIO, Mt. San Rafeael Healthcare and eHealth            Commissioner, State of Colorado

I had the pleasure of working with Steve as a content marketing and strategy expert. His expertise in developing trusted thought leadership content is truly outstanding. He is a great collaborator and always goes above and beyond to ensure that the content is aligned with the overall marketing and communication goals.

– Brian Silverstein, MD
  Chief Population Health Officer, Innovaccer

Steve is a visionary that has a patient centric view of care. His passion around consumerism and the implications for the care delivery system creates optimism for impactful future improvements.

– Kristin Darby
CIO, Envision Healthcare

I have known Steve for many years. He is an innovative leader with tremendous insight within the healthcare and health insurance realms. A people person who can implement a vision

– Abe Benitez
  CFO & SVP, Community Health Network of                Connecticut

Thoroughly enjoyed working with Steve. He was highly professional, well prepared, and produced an excellent product (podcast). I do a lot of these, and rarely are process and product so good. Delighted to post my support and recommendation.

– David Katz, MD, MPH
  President, True Health Initiative

Steve effectively collaborated with key stakeholders and quickly built rapport across all levels of our global team. Any company would benefit from his input.

– Chris Hewish
  President, Xsolla

Steve has knowledge across the following areas:

🔸 Value-based care (APMs, ACOs, MSSPs, CMMI, MSOs and value realization

🔸 Population health (SDoH, health equity, SVI, closed-loop referrals)

🔸 Single longitudinal record, data readiness, digital transformation, FHIR,  EHR, interoperability, data governance, analytics

🔸 Saas, PaaS, AI/ML, data aggregation, hydration, normalization, and activation

🔸 Revenue cycle management and financial experience

🔸 Patient engagement, patient experience, CRM, and consumerism

🔸 Price transparency, RCM, medical debt, direct contracting, PBMs

🔸 Retail health entrants, primary care, DPC

🔸 Public health/government (Medicaid, 1115 waviers, whole person care, policy, TEFCA)

🔸 Spine and Musculoskeletal (disc, osteoarthritis, stenosis, joint replacement, rehabilitation, ergnomics, devices, surgery)

🔸 Life sciences (RWE, digital therapeutics, DTC, medication adherence, integration at POC with providers)

🔸 Payers, providers, payviders, digital health, government segments, life sciences

🔸 Metaverse, NFTs, Web3, and digital twin technology





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