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Be Genuine and Others Will Follow


I read a very interesting article that a colleague at work passed to me. It came off the heels of a previous day’s event where I stated, “ you don’t always have to be liked but you always have to try to do the right thing and be respectful of others when trying to do … the right thing”. The article was called the “12 Habits of Genuine People”


After reading the article, I realized that believe it or not, I am genuine.

I reminisced through my various career hurdles and abyss’s (sure there are more coming before I hang up my career hat). For example, I was never the “sharpest tool in the shed” but always worked really hard at trying to understand things put in front of me. I also always felt compelled to be kind to the janitors, the file clerks, the assistants, those that answered the phone or scheduled the room assignments for meetings and all those who supported my daily actions to execute my roles.

So, I came to realize that despite not knowing a lot, I gained respect by trying very hard and respecting and “really genuinely liking” people along the way. Those meaningful interactions eventually became my biggest motivators to do good and that list grew over time.

As I now have the privilege of mentoring others in various chapters of their careers, I often say “be kind, don’t pass judgment, treat everyone with respect despite their titles or lack thereof and never ever make a judgment call until you hear both sides of the story. As a mentor to others I also say that your biggest revenge to anyone or anything that has done you harm is your own career success.

So, as I continue to travel the road of my personal career journey yet to be finally defined, my one word to all regardless of title, degrees, or anything relevant to supporting a career path, is to be genuine. Being genuine will get you the farthest in the shortest period of time, and you meet a lot of great people along the way, many are colleagues you can call your friends.



About Helen Figge

Helen is passionate about giving back, mentoring and leaving a place better than how she found it.  Her day job includes building international collaborations and global best healthcare practice solution portfolios.   She has served in three Fortune 500 companies and in HIMSS (Health Information Management Systems Society) senior leadership. She has an extensive healthcare and healthcare technology background, developed nationally recognized client loyalty and best practice programs, both on a national and international level.  She has achieved HIMSS fellow status and secured HIMSS CPHIMS designation (Certified Professional in Health Information Management System).  She has served on various committees and Boards for various organizations that better healthcare and its delivery.  She was named by Health Data Management’s as one of  The Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT in 2016 and 2017  and named as a Health 2.0 “Ten Year Industry Leader” award recipient.  Helen volunteers and supports fund-raising for organizations supporting the environment and humanity.

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