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RED HOT Healthcare is a website and podcast effort both founded and operated by Dr. Stephen Ambrose. Part of the website’s content involves an outreach effort, stemming from the belief that values, actions, and decisions shared between healthcare organizations, consumers, and patients carry direct effects upon the future operation and success of our health system.

The goal of this initiative is to capture content embracing expert opinions, key tactics and strategies delivered by registered website contributors. When published on the website, this content will also, to the best of our ability, be shared through growing media and social media channels.

Red Hot Healthcare is interested in posts that explore issues related to patient engagement, patient experience, and health consumerism. Best efforts are made on every published contributor post, to properly identify and credit the submitting author (the ‘RED HOT Healthcare Contributor’).

Before being published on the RED HOT Healthcare website, all posts are reviewed by RED HOT Healthcare editorial staff for timeliness, relevance, originality, and constructive commentary (but are not subject to a formal, peer review). Not every submission is accepted for publication. Submissions under consideration for publication elsewhere will not be considered. Posts may be edited before publication. See terms of service.


Before submitting a post for consideration, authors are encouraged to review content recently published on RED HOT Healthcare to get a sense of both the style and content that we’re looking for. The most successful posts are written to be accessible to the wide range of RED HOT Healthcare readers. We encourage authors not to shy away from complex or specialized topics, but to explain those topics in a manner understandable to readers interested in patient engagement, patient experience, health consumerism directly or indirectly, or who may not be completely versed in the particular area being discussed.

Unlike traditional research manuscripts that often begin with a long wind-up and extended background early in the piece, typical blog posts are structured like essays or op-eds, with a strong, clear explanation of the issue and key themes upfront. We encourage you to discuss how your work may be relevant to health systems, hospitals, drug companies, health payers, private employers, as well as consumers.


In addition to the RED HOT Healthcare submission guidelines, here are a few additional tips we recommend when writing content for the web:

1. Be short and sweet

Blog content should be concise and readable. Many blog posts that we use come in under 2,000 words. It may also make sense to break your blog into different ‘parts’ or submissions, if needed.

2. Link to referenced material

Instead of using endnotes, include a hyperlink to references within your submitted content. If a link isn’t available, please include any necessary citation in parentheses.

3. Front-load the text.

Put the most important information in the first few paragraphs and give our readers your main points quickly. We also encourage you to get even deeper into the material, if needed, as you article moves on.

4. Use headers and lists

Separate your content using subheadings, making it easier for our readers to navigate and organize their thoughts and perspectives while reading. Combining numerous items of a similar nature into bulleted or numbered lists is also helpful to readers.

We will try our best to provide a fast turnaround on approval and publication to our site. We reserve the right to deny any submitted posts, or to check any posts against a duplicated content service such QueText or Grammarly.