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This story begins with cutting my teeth on the front lines of health care, as a chiropractic clinic owner/provider in ‘medically conservative’ Richmond, Virginia. Developing a thick skin to rejection, understanding consumer and patient behavior, plus establishing a flexible sales and engagement strategy became a trial by fire.

Heck…it worked. I would eventually treat more than 50 patients per day by myself. Establishing relationships with many of the city’s top neurosurgeons, orthopedists, and surgical administrators was also key. I even became a featured ‘expert’ on local television, radio, and the online news.

This is when Dr. Steve Ambrose turned into “Dr. Steve”

The experience was tremendous, as business success came on top of the enjoyment I had in helping patients toward changing the quality and outlook of their lives. I learned how to engage and get consumers/customers/patients to take action and make buying decisions – on lifestyle and care. Remembering that often it wasn’t insurance – but their money at the bottom of the choice. 

Never has that been more applicable to healthcare than today. So I consider myself fortunate to have learned this, while top hospital administrators and their vendors continue today, to struggle with consumer/patient engagement, while concurrently seeking to driving quality, outcomes and revenue growth.

A lot of limitations in being a chiropractor – mainly due to payers and limitation on services. During the last few years prior to selling my practice, I was fortunate enough to broaden myself in ‘double-duty’ time. Here I developed and patented a number of software improvements in the areas of health-related subrogation detection and a cost-containment exchange between payers and P&C insurers

After selling my practice in 2014, I took a bold and confident step in the world of online loans. This company tapped into millions of online consumers, fully-employed but suffering from emergency short-term financial need. I led strategy and outbound marketing teams, engaging with and optimizing results from our customers – while integrating sales with hundreds of back-end national lenders.

It wasn’t healthcare – but the principles of human behavior, needs and benefits – and tapping into their financial pain helped grow one single segment of the company by 440% (~$625,000 per month).

Then I was given the task of transforming a stale, call-returning department into a live call-center profit center. I learned quick, pulled in technology assets, and integrated systems. The result became a profitable two-man customer service team, which effectively handled up to 3,500 national calls/day with high quality and customer satisfaction. 

The point is that I’m no longer a chiropractor; and the Red Hot Healthcare podcast is a growing, yet part-time effort.

I had then and have now transitioned into a versatile and persuasive leader who understands how to identify potential customers, their motivations, and develop tactics and strategy around getting their challenges solved with smartly-crafted benefits and market positioning.   

You came here because on some level, you had a need. Perhaps a new or improved business initiative, tactic, process, system, marketing plan, culture shift, or strategy. My purpose and passion is rooted in expertise for analyzing and engaging upon tactics and strategy that seeks to find, engage, and acquire new consumers, customers, and patients.  

You may reach me through EMAIL or set up a convenient appointment by CLICKING ON THIS SECURE LINK

Did you know that Dr. Steve is also an author?

3 MINUTES is a historical fiction novel based on the crash of United Flight 93. It took him more than 14 years of research and witness interviews, to form the basis for this work.

Click on the book – or go to the Amazon page to order paperback or ebook copies.

The flight crew and passengers are true American heroes. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Families of Flight 93 Memorial Fund.

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