Episode 4 – A Quietly Powerful $2 Billion Healthcare Company


healthcare IT

Xerox Healthcare has been rebranded as Conduent. It is perhaps the quietest $2B healthcare technology and services company today – but that hasn’t stopped its acquisitions, innovation, and growth. This is NOT your father’s copying company anymore.

Rohan Kulkarni is Vice President for Healthcare strategy and Portfolio at Conduent, rebranded from Xerox Healthcare Business Group.  He brought a BPO background to the forefront of a services company that needed a new strategy to jump into the new era of healthcare.  He has an extensive background in engagement from Ciber, Convergys, and Booz.

Today Steve meets with VP of Health Strategy Rohan Kulkarni, and they discuss:

  • The 2017 transition from Xerox Healthcare to Conduent
  • Innovation and patient engagement solutions
  • What Rohan brings to the company per engagement
  • Medicaid management with population health
  • Telehealth
  • Balancing healthcare technology and service market-share efforts with disruptive innovation


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