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Forbes Health Stories: The Dangers Of Mac And Cheese…And Zika

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This photo illustration shows packs of Kraft’s macaroni and cheese in Washington on April 21, 2015. (NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

Good morning, Forbes Health readers! Here are the stories we published yesterday:

What’s In Your Mac And Cheese Besides Macaroni And Cheese

A recent study had some concerning findings for lovers of this comfort food.

Is Mac And Cheese Really So Risky? Perhaps. But There’s A Larger Issue At Play

A new study finds that mac ‘n’ cheese is loaded with chemicals. But is this really the thing we should be worried about?

Ted Cruz’s ‘Freedom’ Plan Cherry Picks Patients, Insurers Say

Health insurers are launching a weekend assault on Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s “Consumer Freedom Option,” calling it “unworkable in any form” and would allow new health plans to “cherry pick” healthy consumers.

Gold Medal Track Star Uses Passionate Kissing Claim To Get Drug Ban Reversed

Can kissing lead to a positive drug test?

How Brazil’s Zika Epidemic Highlights Women’s Everyday Plight

“Neglected and unprotected” aptly describes the impact of Zika on women and girls in Brazil. They remain at risk due to the government’s inadequate response.

Millennials Don’t Like Ted Cruz’s Cheap Health Plans

Millennials aren’t supporting the Senate GOP’s Better Care Reconciliation Act’s skimpier low-cost individual policies, advocates for young Americans say.

Reebok, Trump, Here’s When You Can Say ‘You’re In Such Good Shape’

Reebok’s algorithm tweet goes viral, but is missing some possibilities.

Roger Federer: How Giving It A Rest Brought A Record 8th Wimbledon Title

This year Federer won his first Grand Slam titles since 2012. What was different?

Can You Still Take Communion If You Have Celiac Disease, Since Gluten-Free Wafers Are Forbidden?

According to the doctrine of the Catholic Church, communion wafers must contain wheat. How does that affect Catholics who can’t eat wheat or other grains that contain gluten because they have celiac disease?

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