Episode 74: [Hot Take] with Dr. Apurv Gupta on empathetic automation, clinical variation, and throughput in healthcare

In this episode of Hot Takes, host Steve Ambrose interviews Dr. Apurv Gupta, Vice President of care transformation at Premier. Dr. Gupta shares real-life examples of how empathetic automation can benefit both doctors and nurses, the importance of transparency to consumers, and the ROI that providers can expect from reducing clinical variation.

Apurv also discusses the human and technical aspects of improving throughput in hospitals.

In this episode they discuss:

  • The down and dirty “empathetic automation”—with two key examples
  • How transparency between provider and employer drives clinical variation improvement
  • The costly assumptions employers make on clinical variation metrics
  • The key human and technical shifts needed to drive better throughput in hospitals
  • Three key questions fueling throughoutput-solving operational oversight
  • The Hot Takes show on Red Hot Healthcare delivers thought leadership—from healthcare leaders and luminaries—and shares value with our audience in under 12 minutes. 

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