Episode 75: Foley's hot take on AI in healthcare, value add in FFS, and America's lack of equal access to cures

In this episode, Tom Foley, Chief Growth Officer of global virtual care provider Genie MD dives with host Steve Ambrose in—sharing his hot takes and provocative views.

Our first stop is generative AI—where Foley sees both the rainbows and the hurdles that lie ahead for this fast-growing technology in healthcare. Then we move into a contrarian view of fee-for-service, when it comes to adding value for patients and outcomes.

Our last stop is health equity and care access. And tune in to hear Foley speaking plainly on leadership hypocracy, the need for equality in care levels and cure potentials, as well as access to “care levels” and “cures,” and where we must be more focused on inequality through different care coverages.

Tune in, as guest Tom Foley shares:

  • Providers adding more value in fee-for-service
  • The two financial truisms of healthcare reform
  • What must happen for generative AI to be trusted in care
  • Two simple words (“CC”) that create uneven access to cures
  • The ‘must haves” for generative AI to be trusted for healthcare
  • Finding greater wellness—start with 9,000 hours a year


The Hot Takes show on Red Hot Healthcare delivers thought leadership—from healthcare leaders and luminaries—and shares value with our audience in under 15 minutes.

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