Hot Takes is a new series where we deliver thought leadership, from healthcare leaders and luminaries, in under 12 minutes.

The show is designed to bring more value for our audience—without softball questions or guest sales enablement. And we discuss challenges, trends, and conversations that are shaping the future of the health system and industry.


Tim Martin

In this exclusive interview, Tim Martin, CEO of FS Studio, discusses the transformative work his company is doing in healthcare technology and Industry 4.0. 

Tim also explores the power of small language models on edge devices, revolutionizing real-time data interaction with enhanced privacy. The conversation delves into the impact of VR and AR in medical training and patient care, and the role of synthetic data in improving financial interactions and data privacy. Join us for insights into the future of healthcare technology and FS Studio’s innovative contributions. 


Rajeev Ronanki

Host Steve Ambrose engages in a captivating back-and-forth dialogue with best-selling author and highly-esteemed digital health leader Rajeev Ronanki. 

They discuss, in just 20 packed minutes, topics including helping affordability in healthcare, ChatGPT, and the growing challenge of balancing healthcare transparency with physician time and autonomy.  GREAT SHOW!


Dr. Steve shares...

Dr. Steve Ambrose shares thoughts on one of the BIGGEST TABOO TOPICS in healthcare today. An epidemic-level challenge that is largely avoided by many across the industry. 

This topic is the growing epidemic of unaffordability in healthcare. A very real social determinant of health—impacting millions of people across race, age, including those with and without health insurance. 


Tibor Merey

Get ready for a dive into the metaverse and its potential impact on healthcare in this episode of Hot Takes. 

Join Steve Ambrose, your host, as he engages Tibor Méray, managing director and partner at BCG, in a conversation that opens up new possibilities.


Tom Foley - Transparent!

In this episode, Tom Foley, Chief Growth Officer of global virtual care provider Genie MD dives in—sharing his hot takes and provocative views.

Foley takes us through some of the most provocative thinking yet on lack of equality in “cures,” why providers can stay in FFS and still add a lot of value, as well as rainbows and hurdles with generative AI for healthcare.


Dr. Apurv Gupta

In this episode of Hot Takes, host Steve Ambrose speaks with Dr. Apurv Gupta, Vice President at Premier. 

They talk empathetic automation, the impact of clinical variation, and how consumer-centric transparency would influence its improvement. Plus, they delve into the ongoing challenges of throughput with human and technology factors at pla


Rohan Kulkarni

Dr. Steve sits down with top research mind, Rohan Kulkarni for a riveting “hot take.”

Topics discussed include: health inequity, income inequality, vertical integration in healthcare, and care organizations missing the boat of better serving self-insured employers.


Dr. Vivian Lee

Enjoy this cutting-edge interview between host Dr. Steve Ambrose and Dr. Vivian Lee. Dr. Lee is the author of the acclaimed book THE LONG FIX, and the head of health platforms at Verily, an Alphabet company. 

Watch the entire interview HERE.


Telehealth: The Tip of the Spear in Consumerism

Dr. Steve gives a keynote address to the VSEE telehealth conference in Silicon Valley. In the talk, he discussed many factors shaping the growth of provider and consumer organizations, where telehealth serves as the catalyst for new partnering and greater care reach to communities. Full video HERE.


Consumer to Patient Transitioning

Better thinking about transitioning website visitors, at the digital front door, into new patients. 

You may go to watch the entire video HERE.


A Candid Conversation on Diversity & Inclusion

A riveting and candid conversations on diversity & includsion (D&I) that includes: 1) factors holding back inclusion in companies; 2) the perils of uniformity and agreement; 3) corporate posturing vs. genuine action on social challenges—and so much more!

The entire interview can be found HERE.


Pricing and Consumerism in Today's Healthcare

Dr. Steve jumps on the HC4Biz podcast to talk about about healthcare costs, pricing, and consumerism. 

Host Don Lee and Steve discuss what these terms mean and why they are important. Then we dig into examples of companies that are already making an impact on these issues.

Watch the full show HERE.


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