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Our Experts Blog is an effort formed on the belief that values, actions, and responsibilities shared between healthcare organizations, consumers, and patients, with the decisions and actions which result, directly affects the future success of our system.

Moreover, that many segments of healthcare, including hospitals, health system, physician practices, pharmaceutical companies, software and medical technology companies, as well other products, services, and care facilities have a substantial need to improve their efforts in health consumer/patient engagement and patient experience, by improving their tactics, systems, and strategies.

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The goal of this effort is to create an ongoing and ever-improving assembled expertise in health consumer/patient engagement and patient experience, in order to bring improvement and better results, both to healthcare company clients – as well as the customers, individuals and families they serve.

 I’m onboard with patient engagement. Both in my career at XYZ company – and personally when I visit the doctor. Being a RED HOT contributor allows me to help others.
I’m loving RED HOT Healthcare and the mission!

Dr. Sally Strom
SVP of Engagment, XYZ Company

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