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Episode 66 – The Meaningful Particulars of A.I. in Healthcare


Whether you were one of the mini-city citizens of HIMSS this year or are a regular reader of healthcare content, you simply cannot avoid what I like to call ‘AI Wonka-land’. There is hardly a payer, provider, pharma company or vendor who does not directly or indirectly have some type of initiative or inclusion in this fast-growing area of technology.

Recently, I taped one of the more riveting episodes of the RED HOT HEALTHCARE leader show, as I engaged on the particulars of A.I. with Microsoft’s Director of Worldwide Health Tom Lawry.

In this leader role, Tom works with health providers, payers, and governments in planning and implementing innovative technology solutions that improve the quality and efficiency of health services delivered around the globe.

Microsoft also released a free and downloadable e-book called The Future Computed: Artificial Intelligence and its role in society. A recommended read, where the company portrays an interesting and needed perspective on the future design, responsibilities and social aspects of A.I.