Episode 79: Misalignments in Value-Based Care

Value-based care (VBC) expert and healthcare transformation executive Lisa White shares her insights on the common and costly misalignment between value program design and real-world operations. It’s a crucial challenge that stakeholders must address, if VBC is ever to become more widely adopted and successful.

Lisa shares a riveting conversation with show host Dr. Steve Ambrose on the importance of value-based care alignment across physician operations, stakeholder interests, consumerism, retail health entrants, secondary care services, and much more!

In this interview:

•  A history lesson of VBC: from the 1930’s to today

•  Which challenges in VBC alignment would Lisa choose to fix first?

•  How retailers and surging consumerism fit into VBC success

•  The three words that IT vendors should be most focused on with payers and providers

•  How stakeholder distrust is hurting VBC growth and necessary alignment

•  Learning from the failures of Haven and successes of Covera and Moxe Health

•  A tale of two data: How perspective and selectivity fuel inefficiency and misalignment

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The type and quality of content your company develops, and shares with its target market, helps to drive awareness, engagement, and decisions. Steve Ambrose is a senior-level content strategist whose C-suite recommended written, audio, and video assets help healthcare and health IT companies improve messaging and marketing to those they serve. 

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