The Initiative to Improve Interoperability

HIMSS recognizes Didi Davis as one of the most influential women in health IT. She is the vice president of informatics, conformance, and interoperability at The Sequoia Project, a non-profit organization selected as the Recognized Coordinating Entity (RCE) to support the implementation of the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA).

With over 30 years of healthcare experience, Didi is a nationally-recognized expert for healthcare standards, interoperability design and strategy for healthcare stakeholders, as well as vendors deploying health information technology to improve patient safety and quality of care.

In this show, she joins host Dr. Steve Ambrose in discussing the latest, and perhaps most impactful initiative yet in the success of interoperability across all stakeholders in healthcare.

Listen in, as Didi and Steve share a riveting discussion on:

•  What’s in a name? Plenty for this interoperability initiative—and Didi explains why

•  The pervasive challenges that led the initiative being created

•  What this new initiative could mean for retail entrants to healthcare 

•  350 million and 40—the meaning behind those numbers

•  Stepping up interoperability: What does success look like in this initiative

•  What’s the role of the Sequoia Group—and its well-known “partner” (revealed in the show)

•  Onward & Upward:   Didi’s shares 3 tips for improving success when adopting this initiative

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The type and quality of content your company develops, and shares with its target market, helps to drive awareness, engagement, and decisions. Steve Ambrose is a senior-level content strategist whose C-suite recommended written, audio, and video assets help healthcare and health IT companies improve messaging and marketing to those they serve.

You can learn more about how organizations and leaders work with Steve by visiting the home page.


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