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Over 21,000 Tainted Drug Convictions Dismissed In Massachusetts


In what is likely the largest mass dismissal in US history, over 21,000 drug cases in Massachusetts have been dismissed this week as a result of tainted evidence.

Over the course of eight years, chemist Annie Dookhan falsified evidence and forged documents, accounting for nearly 1 in 6 drug convictions in the state during that time period and affecting seven districts.

In a press release from the American Civil Liberties Union Massachusetts, who represented the defendants in the case, wrote that “following years of ACLU litigation, the state’s high court in January 2017 ordered district attorneys to dismiss the vast majority of the tainted convictions.” The total number of dismissals was 21,587. 

.@ACLU @fickmarx @CPCSnews @segalmr @EzekielACLU @carltonwilliams @DecayedBeauty @AaronVotes The final tally is


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