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Rachael Leigh Cook: This Is Your Brain On The War On Drugs

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Anyone who remembers Rachael Leigh Cook in the gloomy egg-smashing anti-drug PSA from the nineties will appreciate this. Twenty years later, on 4/20, Cook appears in a new version of the ad, and this time her warning isn’t about heroin—it’s about the decades-long War on Drugs.

In the 1997 version of the ad, Cook smashes a raw egg with a frying pan: “This is what happens to your brain after snorting heroin.” The actress, then 18, proceeds to destroy everything in sight: “This is what your body goes through. And this is what your family goes through.” In the end, the kitchen is in shambles: “Any questions?”

This time around, Cook partnered with the Drug Policy Alliance to get a very different message across: The

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