Episode 78: Digital health leader and best-selling author Rajeev Ronanki

Host Steve Ambrose engages in a captivating back-and-forth dialogue with best-selling author and highly-esteemed digital health leader Rajeev Ronanki. They discuss, in just 20 packed minutes, topics including affordability in healthcare, ChatGPT, and the growing challenge of balancing healthcare transparency with physician time and autonomy.

In this interview:

The healthare challenge that’s impacting 43% of American adults today

  • Grading healthcare—through a key Gallup poll
  • Rajeev’s key prescriptives to help drive down high costs and waste
  • The means to better scale blockchain in healthcare
  • Guardrails or acceleration: the way forward with ChatGPT in healthcare
  • How the Cures Act fueled a transparency paradox for providers

The Red Hot Healthcare podcast delivers thought leadership—from healthcare leaders and luminaries. We’re always open to suggestions for guests for the longer form show, or the 15-min “Hot Takes” series.


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