Employee wellness has become FAR MORE than ‘motivate and lose quick weight’. It’s now tied into analytics, mhealth apps, improving quality hires, and complete company cultures. Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Pulse has a strategic application that is so popular, its users use it more than Pinterest and even Linkedin!

In this episode, Steve meets with Dr. Rajiv Kumar. He is the Chief Medical Officer of Virgin Pulse, and President of the Virgin Pulse Institute. In this ear-opening episode, they discuss:

  • Analytics and insights from Virgin Pulse’s collection of 7 Billion data points per month
  • Clients who through the service, have vastly lowered work comp injuries and increased worker productivity as much as 49%.
  • ‘Traditional Wellness’ vs. ‘Strategic Well-being’
  • The new era of connecting wellness with employee benefits, talent management, and employee engagement success