Episode 24 – The untapped workforce of patient influencers

By Steve Ambrose

Estimates are that in the next 12 months, 40% of the U.S. workforce will in some way be participating in the freelance economy. First AirBNB, then UBER…and quickly stepping up are Patient InfluencersWEGO Health is leading this effort, tapping into more than 1 million network participants; and more than 100,000 valuable, and well-connected patient influencers who have personal, healthcare, and social network experience with 150+ diseases.

On this episode of Red Hot Healthcare, Steve interviews WEGO Health’s Chief Strategy Officer David Goldsmith. He has been an instrumental part in the company’s recent offering of a next-generation smart platform.

In this podcast interview, Steve and David discuss:

  • A CEO’s vision of patient influencer value and contribution
  • The power of WEGO’s patient influencers to Big Pharma challenges
  • An ‘AHA’ moment in filling multi-industry demand
  • WEGO’s new ‘low-friction’ patient expert platform
  • The ability of so many individuals to give back and grow personal income


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