The value-based care train is a comin’ – and estimates point to only 8% of all health systems as ready for the CMS’ changes in risk shifting and care payment. More than that – the quality of communication in transitioning patients into post-acute care is often dismal.

One medical expert recently stated the unsettling reality…that veterinarians often take more time in discharging pets, than care facilities do with their patients.

Today we speak with Clay Richards, the CEO of naviHealth – one of the major leaders in post-acute care coordination. His company’s network carries 20% of all hospital discharges nationally, and he’s here to share some major insight and solutions. It’s right here on Red Hot Healthcare. 

In this episode Dr. Steve and Clay discuss:

  • Today’s high waste levels in post-acute care
  • Key predictor data in driving best care
  • Poor risk adjustment in post-acute bundling
  • The dilemma of provider ‘cherry picking’
  • NaviHealth’s powerful blend of patient engagement, timing, and technology