Transforming today’s health care means leveraging new digital technology and capabilities. That means all hands on deck – especially where scalability, computerization and speed is concerned; and when you think of those terms – you have to be thinking of Intel.

Today we speak with the head of Intel’s Head of Global Health and Life Sciences, Jennifer Esposito. It’s all about the power of tomorrow’s technology and health care…right here on Red Hot Healthcare. 

Let’s GO!

In this Red Hot Healthcare episode, Dr. Steve and Jennifer Esposito discuss:

  • Intel’s quad component business strategy per sustaining its growth and wide net in health care
  • Successful partnering with, and thoughts on precision medicine, pharmaceutical, and genomic companies
  • AI and machine learning in clinical and administrative operations
  • Intel’s latest efforts in a health ‘ALL-IN-ONE’ computer, for global health, future physician shortages, and quality of care.


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