Episode 32 – Dave Chase…and the BIG HEIST in healthcare

By Steve Ambrose

America’s healthcare crisis is unsustainable – and our political leaders are fumbling with failing solutions. Finger-pointing and shifting blame is not the same as true leaders coming to the rescue with sustainable solutions.

On today’s episode of RED HOT Healthcare, we have a guest who has dedicated his life to opening eyes and finding those solutions. Dave Chase is a serial entrepreneur who, apart from making his mark in technology and healthcare business, is now hard charging to unleashing a mass media effort to address our growing national nightmare.

Dave Chase is the Managing Director of the Quad Aim Fund, Executive Producer of The Big Heist and co-founder of the Health Rosetta Institute. He’s spoken at TED and is the author of the book, The CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream.

Prior to this, Dave was the founder for what eventually became Microsoft’s healthcare business unit – with more than $2B in yearly revenue. He also founded Avado, which was eventually acquired by WebMD.

In this Red Hot Healthcare episode, Dr. Steve and Dave Chase discuss:

  • Three Trillions Reasons to Protect the Status Quo
  • Health Rosetta – and Those Companies Doing Healthcare Coverage Right
  • The Fiduciary Duty of Employers to their Employees & Health Coverage
  • A ‘Bottom-Up’ Approach of Reform via The BIG HEIST
  • Health Consumerism, Patient Engagement, and Physician Burnout


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