Back in 1988, a son’s promise to his dying mother led to the founding of Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Today, CTCA has become a major force in leading cancer care outcomes, hospital ratings, and patient satisfaction.

On today’s show we welcome Kristin Darby, Chief Information Officer of CTCA. She’s going to share their unique model of culture, engagement, patient experience, and the recent transformation of their care pathway and workflow.

In This Engaging Interview, Dr. Steve and Kristen Darby Discuss:

  • CTCA’s patient portal rates of 85% signup
  • A big push to consumerism – BEFORE everyone else
  • Employee culture as stakeholders
  • The ‘MOTHER’ standard of care
  • Their charge to delivering on precision-based advanced care
  • The new age of Salesforce and CRM integration for results
  • CTCA’s partnering with Allscripts and NantHealth