This is perhaps one of our best shows to date! 

Dr. Steve interviews Dr. Tufia Haddad, breast cancer chair at the renowned Mayo Clinic. A world-class researcher whose work focuses on drug development, bio-marker discovery and transforming patient care.

Perhaps her most promising work is being the physician leader for Mayo’s collaboration with IBM’s Watson in its Clinical Trial Matching or CTM program. 

LISTEN and you will enjoy an incredible show with a plethora of in-depth insights…including:

  • Dr. Haddad’s transition from oncology into A.I.
  • Cognitive computing blending EHR + The National Library of Medicine + patient DNA 
  • Transforming Clinical Trial Matching (CTM) per a 1-second ‘snapshot’
  • The effect of burnout on health consumers
  • A.I.’s miss on administration services
  • Technology’s influence on healthcare affordability
  • What SHE feels strongly about…that many DON’T agree with her on


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