Hey, today is July 16th – and I’m fortunate enough to be celebrating my 49th birthday. My kids wonder how much longer I’ll stay in my forties.

I keep telling them, “quit rushing me…!”

I’ve been privileged to interview many rock-solid healthcare and technology leaders, but this episode is very special as it touches on one of my passions.

Strap yourselves in for a wild ride…because today, I’m diving deep into two powerful words:  


And the role they play in the future sustainability of our health system.

Even with augmented intelligence, the promise of interoperability, the connecting power of telemedicine, risk mitigation and optimizing care with analytics…there’s something to remember.

The ground that has supported the entire healthcare system for more than fifty years…is shifting right under our feet.

Healthcare service and drug prices have skyrocketed…

Some hospitals are slowing up and closing down…

Physicians are burning out…

Insurance premiums, deductibles and patient responsibilities are at sharp increases…

PLUS…many middle-income workers haven’t seen a wage increase in more than a decade.

And estimates report that 7 out of 10 Americans have less than 1,000 in savings.

This environment is leading healthcare’s consumers to start understanding their potential to rise up, vote with their wallets, and start changing healthcare from the inside out.

Reaching, targeting and growing consumer engagement should be a part of every health company’s growth tactics and strategy.


On Today’s Episode Dr. Steve discusses:

  • The ‘questioning’ story of Van Philips
  • How costs trump pricing
  • Why health care is different from other consumer sectors
  • A unique idea of how to fix healthcare with ‘safety net’ coverage + injecting consumerism
  • Millennials to the rescue?


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