What’s RED HOT now? Try mobile health.

Today mobile health data market is worth $13.5 billion – BUT estimates place its growth near $63 billion in just 4 years…

And when you think of all the companies that capture and integrate consumer and patient-generated health data, you need to think Validic. A company whose connection platform receives patient-generated health data from more than 400 major data sources that collectively reach 223 million individuals in 52 different countries.

Today we have Drew Schiller – the CEO of Validic who’s talking about the explosive future for mobile health data, multi-party sharing, and the big push into health consumerism.

He’s connecting with us – and we’re connecting with you. Right here…on Red Hot Healthcare….LETS GO!

In this episode, Dr. Steve and Drew tap into:

  • Why data integration can be more powerful than innovation
  • The power of Validic’s platform and offering
  • Reading between the lines on mobile health’s marketing ‘spin’
  • The relationship between mobile health and consumerism
  • Drew’s insight on improving patient engagement


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