Experts estimate about 300 to 400 physicians in the U.S. take their lives every year.

Physician burnout is far more than an effect of workplace stress…it’s a public health issue that threatens the U.S. healthcare system – including patient safety, quality of care, and healthcare costs.

In 2011, the Mayo clinic found 45% of physicians reported effects of burnout. In 2015, that number shot up to 54%…and today…who knows?

In this episode, we’ve got two top experts on the cutting edge of research and management centered on physician burnout, Dr. Paul DeChant and Dr. Diane Shannon.

Their book PREVENTING PHYSICIAN BURNOUT is an eye-opening and at times stunning revelation into a major problem existing in many hospital, health system, and physician offices.

In this episode, Dr. Steve jumps into physician burnout with IBM Deputy Health Chief Dr. Paul DeChant and Dr. Diane Shannon on subjects including :

  • The 3 Major Symptoms of Physician Burnout
  • Burnout’s Extensive and Expansive Effects Into Our Entire Health System
  • Erroneous assumptions – from physicians and executives
  • Burnout hits nurses heavy too!
  • The Toxicity of Today’s Care Deliver Workflows
  • The LEAN Environment – and Why Today’s Efforts Fall Short


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