“The World is Full of Good. When you believe it you see it…And it’s good to see YOU.”

Words spoken many thousands of times by this former serial entrepreneur and telehealth executive who wore his last pair of pants five years ago.

If you’re at HIMSS or any major healthcare event, you’re likely to see some of today’s top leaders wearing a pair of knee-high, black-moustached, pink socks. Why? Because they’ve become part of a growing social movement called the PinkSocks tribe.

On today’s show, we have Nick Adkins – the founder of PINKSOCKS. A man whose passion burns a powerful message of gifting, connecting, and the need for genuine change into the hearts and minds of doctors, healthcare business leaders, politicians, and even world leaders.

In this episode, Dr. Steve and Pinksocks founder Nick Adkins focus on incredible stories and powerful messages, including:

  • Transforming from suits and cuff links to kilts and riding a pink furry bicycle
  • The power of Burning Man on individual change and outlook
  • The true meaning of the #pinksocks movement
  • Top healthcare leaders, influencers, and even a European Princess are going pink
  • The limitation of judgement…the power of gifting and love


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