Woodstock wasn’t all that was happening in 1969.

Back then, a husband and wife founded a small land-use consulting firm. Today that firm has more than 40% of the global market share in the geographic information systems or GIS industry. From land to oil to retail…and now, it’s turning its sights and technology on healthcare…and just at the right time.

Enter the billion-dollar company ESRI…and we’re talking to their Chief Medical Officer Dr. Este Geraghty…Right here on RED HOT HEALTHCARE…Let’s Go!

In this episode, we get into the new era of health care and the power of Geographic Information System (GIS). Topics include:

  • GIS and the Science of ‘Where’
  • This Founder Has Led for Nearly 50 Years
  • ESRI saving lives with Hurricane’s Harvey & Irma
  • The importance of GIS technology in the Triple Aim
  • Why Google Maps owes its start to ESRI
  • Health System Growth Investments Use GIS


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