What’s the largest healthcare IT company in the entire world? It’s Optum – and in 2016, it brought in $83 Billion. It’s a health services and innovation company whose strategy includes partnering across the entire health system – and connecting with over 100 million Americans.

Today we hear from seasoned healthcare veteran and EVP at Optum Dr. Mitch Morris. We’re talking with the biggest of the big boys – and bringing it right to your ears. Right here on RED HOT HEALTHCARE….Let’s GO!

In this episode, Dr. Steve and Dr. Mitch Morris engage in a powerful back-and-forth on:

  • The multi-segment perspectives from a 30-year healthcare veteran  
  • Optum’s business segments & solutions
  • Their key Innovation, Strategy, and Acquisitions 
  • Bringing simplicity to the complexity of healthcare 
  • The power of Telehealth & Pricing Transparency
  • Deep perspectives on single-payer coverage & our current healthcare crisis


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