In this episode of RED HOT HEALTHCARE, Dr. Steve Ambrose get in-depth on the next era of content development and personalized marketing with Paul Matsen, chief marketing officer of the $8 billion healthcare system.

Matsen joined Cleveland Clinic in 2006. He is responsible for all marketing and communications programs at Cleveland Clinic including global development of the brand; marketing of key clinical lines of service; regional and international locations; and digital marketing. He also leads Cleveland Clinic’s Corporate Communications department.

This is one heck of a podcast – and below is a snippet preview of what you will listen to, on your next walk or ride. For healthcare providers, including hospitals and health systems, you will hopefully pull out some great nuggets of perception, strategy, and proven value.

In this episode, Dr. Steve and Paul Matsen discuss:

  • Meeting healthcare consumers through a unique blend of created content, scalability, and social media
  • The success of Cleveland’s Health Affairs Blog – at 4.5 million visits per month
  • The power of transparency in knowing more about doctors, costs, and personalized journeys.
  • Why it’s so important to create, grow and unify brand
  • Psychology used to attract and drive specific consumer behaviors

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