The Banner Aetna joint venture is transforming the healthcare model. It’s not only about higher costs and better outcomes, but an entirely different way of seeing things.

In this full hour episode, we have one of the best back-and-forth engagements in show history.

Today’s guest is a transformational thinker and an incredibly intelligent and well-respected leader. Dr. Robert Groves is the EVP of Banner-Aetna and he’s making great things happen…including this powerful interview.

In this interview, host Dr. Steve Ambrose and Dr. Robert Groves discuss many powerful subjects including:

  • His personal experience from provider to payer environments
  • A history of fee-for-service primer
  • Provider/Plan partnering vs. integrated health systems
  • Unit pricing vs. utilization
  • Replacing doctor functions with AI
  • Banner-Aetna partnering strategy
  • Physician burnout and doctor autonomy
  • Social spending need in our healthcare system
  • Banner’s history of successful supply chain and ACO
  • Pushing control out to today’s healthcare consumer


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