In this episode, Dr. Steve talks with award-winning CRM platform Founder and CEO Brad Bostic of

The HC1 platform has been adopted across more than 1,200 leading lab, post acute care, and health systems. The company has received accolades from Gartner Research, was named “Best Healthcare CRM”​ by Frost & Sullivan, and is the top rated solution in the KLAS Healthcare CRM report.

In this episode, Dr. Steve and Brad Bostic go deep into the following areas:

  • Overview of HC1 and the wide client areas it adds value into
  • A unique solution for the opioid epidemic
  • Machine learning and unique technology for private and public health use
  • Growing referrals and patient acquisition in post-acute facilities and health systems
  • Working in with Uber Health and platform partners
  • Waging a win-able war on prescription drug addiction


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