Wellness is being defined in new ways and with new impact on the workplace and the lives of those involved.

In this show episode, host Dr. Steve Ambrose interviews national expert Dr. Seth Serxner – Chief Health Officer and SVP of Population Health at Optum.

Seth has published more than 40 articles and chapters on health and productivity management – including his latest on the shift from wellness to well-being

In this riveting episode, Dr. Steve and Seth Serxner embark on a multitude of engaging subject matter including:

  • Where wellness HAS BEEN and where it’s GOING
  • Wellness vs. Well-Being
  • From Financial ROI to Value-on-Investment (VOI)
  • Behavioral and decisioning science in wellness
  • Workplace culture on workplace health
  • OptumHealth’s focus on Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Cost transparency and health literacy
  • And SO MUCH MORE….


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