Dr. Patricia Salber has had a meaningful journey in medicine. It makes for a terrific story – and an even better interview. 

From board-certified internist, ER doctor, medical director and now the Founder and CEO of The Doctor Weighs In – an award-winning mobile/online platform that uses new media to share stories about health care innovation.

She now consults on various aspects of health plans, purchasers, and ACO management, including but not limited to, benefit design, population health management, care coordination, cost reduction, and quality improvement.

On today’s episode host Dr. Steve Ambrose and Dr. Salber discuss the following engaging subjects:

  • A journey from working for providers and payers
  • Her unique view on physician burnout and physician commoditization
  • FAKE Medical News
  • Proactive imaging for osteoarthritis
  • The new world and benefits of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare


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