This is one of the more riveting episodes, as host Dr. Steve Ambrose sits down with Microsoft’s Director of Worldwide Health Tom Lawry.

In this leader role, Tom works with health providers, payers, and governments in planning and implementing innovative technology solutions that improve the quality and efficiency of health services delivered around the globe.

In this show, Steve and Tom discuss these subjects and many more:

  • Aspects of bias, transparency, and safety with A.I.
  • The necessity of HR re-training for the established workforce
  • Shoehorning A.I. into software solutions
  • Needed improvements on administrative costs
  • Drug pricing and A.I. solutions
  • Tom’s view on the ‘one-hit wonders’
  • Balancing the technology with the social and societal aspects
  • The over-hype and ‘sniff-test’ of A.I. in healthcare


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