Inovalon counts hundreds of insurance companies, provider systems, and pharma, device, and diagnostic companies as clients, including 19 of the top 25 health plans and 13 of the top 15 pharma and life sciences companies. It pools data on more than 240 million patients.

On today’s show we have SVP of Innovation, Eric Sullivan. Host Dr. Steve Ambrose and Eric get into some top-of-mind issues including:

  • Inovalon’s reach across healthcare segments
  • A refreshing view on commoditized pop. health 
  • Fast analysis and NLP innovation
  • ‘CDEaaS’ and ‘NLPaaS’ – new and refreshing
  • The necessity of streamlining patient engagement
  • Who is defining ‘value’ in value-based care?
  • The power of the hidden 3%


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