On today’s show, we have Amy Cueva and Amy Bucher of Madpow.

Take one-part cutting-edge motivational science, add in a strong dash of design psychology, a high level of insight & innovative design…and round it off with 80 strongly-skilled and passionate professionals.

And you have Mad*Pow, a market-leading design company that has worked with the top names in healthcare – including CVS Health, Harvard Pilgrim and even the CDC.

This show episode was so chock full of great information, that it became the first ever 2-part interview series I have done!

In this episode. Dr. Steve Ambrose, Amy Cueva, and Amy Bucher discuss the following:

🔶 How ‘motivational science’ and ‘design psychology’ are changing the world of patient experience and engagement.

🔶 Blending creative processes with scientific methods to deliver unique solutions

🔶 The framing strategy of today’s healthcare companies to deflect ‘pricing’

🔶 Why persuasion is highly overrated in behavior change

🔶 Collaboration as the ‘new’ innovation

🔶 Engagement differences – pharma, payers, and providers

And so much more!

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