In this power-packed episode, Dr. Steve delivers the final part of this engaging series. Guests Amy Cueva and Amy Bucher of Mad*Pow are delivering high octane conversation on top-of-mind insights into the future of healthcare.

NOTE:  If you haven’t yet heard it, please listen to PART 1 per episode 70. 

Get ready for some incredible insight on the following topics we discuss:

🔶 The differences between engagement science from providers to pharma companies

🔶 Worn out beliefs, terms, and strategies in patient experience

🔶 The power and need for coordinating nudges and messages from multiple sources to patient

🔶 The highly disruptive changes in millennial healthcare decisioning and actions

🔶 Healthcare’s most pressing issues that are holding back growth and better patient experience

🔶 Hospital and health system growth – local and remote…

And so much more!

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