With healthcare consumerism on the rise and more millennials entering the workforce, learning and company culture has become far more meaningful.

On today’s show, we have an internationally recognized thought leader in leadership, learning and development. Her work has been seen by over 9 million viewers on Lynda.com and LinkedIn learning.

Dr. Britt Andreatta was formerly the Chief Learning Officer for Lynda.com. Her work embraces workplace culture, the neuroscience of learning & development, emotional intelligence and leading change management. Her clients are a who’s who in the Fortune 100.

In this show, Steve and Britt discuss a number of powerful subjects and insights including:

  • Learning vs. a ‘culture’ of learning
  • Psychological safety and physician burnout
  • The impact of ‘Amygdala Hijack’
  • Why up to 70% of change initiatives fail
  • Why you should avoid doctors in the afternoon
  • Neural Synchrony and team success
  • Britt’s 4 Gates to Peak Performance


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