Dr. Steve speaks and advises on a number of topics related to engagement, patient experience, consumerism, and other related facets of improving organization operations. His talks range from 60 minutes to 8 hours; and the presentation can be tailored for general or specific company interests. Please inquire by clicking the appropriate icon, and you will be able to set up an initial call to discuss further.

Dr. Steve shares the keys to help your organization build an engagement model that best serves health consumers & patients, as well as builds greater revenue and improves company culture.
As reimbursement drops with a shift in healthcare models, technology, efficiency and consumerism is more vital than ever. Dr. Steve will deliver many distinct, powerful facets that will allow greater service, efficiency, and revenue.
Shifting your company to a more patient-centered mission is only words – until you recognize the importance of factors such as values, empathy, and leverage. Dr. Steve discusses key tactics to recognize behavior and triggers.
It starts with the right type of hiring, finding talent, and using analytics to determine strengths and fit. There is no substitute for those organizations who align their mission down to each employee – as a stakeholder.

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