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Stealthy neuromod dev Syntilla Medical raises $2m


Syntilla Medical

Stealthy Syntilla Medical has raised $1.5 million in a round of debt financing, according to an SEC filing posted last month.

The company has not publicly disclosed its developments, but has filed for a number of patents related to implantable neurostimulation systems to treat head pain, according to patent listing site Justia.

The company has filed patents for a system designed to treat head pain through implantable devices, including a pulse generator and systems for recharging and communicating between devices, according to the Justia patent listings.

Syntilla did not respond to requests for more information on its developments or future plans.

Money raised in the round came from 21 unnamed investors with the first investment noted on March 21, with Syntilla still looking to raise an additional $4 million before closing the offering.

Proceeds from the offering are slated to fund general operations, with the possibility of using some funds for regular compensation of the CEO, according to the SEC filing.


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