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The Reimagined Consumer Journey

The traditional patient-provider relationship is experiencing challenges and undergoing significant changes. A surge in consumer-centered thinking and expectations is being realized by providers who, under increasing financial pressures, recognize the importance of how they acquire, manage, and retain healthcare consumers.

A reimagined consumer journey is the next step in how providers find, guide, and keep patients for life, through...[MORE…]

DTx East ‘22: Top Five Takeaways and One Big Opportunity

The DTx East conference in Boston was a whirlwind of three content-packed days and a hotbed of activity. An FDA-regulated offshoot of digital health, digital therapeutics (DTx) is a relatively new market gaining a lot of interest—and this event had no shortage of technology, fresh ideas, and takeaways.

The fifth annual event was touted as a one-stop shop of…[MORE]

The Shifting State of Healthcare Consumerism

Consumerism in healthcare has made “webside manner” as important as bedside manner.

It’s no secret that lessons learned from the pandemic have motivated  providers and payers to rethink strategies…[MORE…]

The Business of Value Realization

Vendors make a lot of promises to add value. But how do provider organizations truly know if those promises are being kept?

Innovaccer has developed a Five-Pillar framework for value realization (VR) that is trusted by our provider partners in both VBC and FFS payment contracts. Innovaccer’s value engineering (VE) team…[MORE]

How Cloud-Based Accelerators Help Providers and Transformation

More than 90% of today’s healthcare leaders are focused on digital transformation. However, 97% say that they face a “data readiness crisis.” Recognizing the need to improve capabilities, performance, and value around data, many healthcare organizations have invested in cloud-based data platforms.

While a data platform is…[MORE]

CMS and Health Equity: It's All About the Data

Nearly a third of all US adults and children require equitable opportunities to experience health and healthcare. Covering more than 86 million Americans, Medicaid is leading the charge to help states improve health equity across populations—through funding that improves the collection and use of SDoH data.

By adopting a state of greater data readiness, government health facilities and public health organizations can…[MORE…]

Bringing Our Values into Value-Based Care

According to Dr. Apurv Gupta, provider organizations can sometimes miss the point of including values when they strive for value-based care. These are the critical human elements shared by care team members and their patients which are the essence of value.

That was one of many insights from a recent discussion with Dr. Gupta, who serves as director of healthcare…[MORE…]

A Winning Trifecta: 3 Ways AI Can Help Improve Health Equity

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be a powerful tool for provider organizations that are focused on improving health equity.

Our new ebook—A Winning Trifecta—discusses three ways providers can use data and AI to improve health equity…[MORE…].

Digital Transformation of Health and Human Services

Health and human service agencies are increasingly focusing on digital transformation. This has been driven by the growing emphasis on improving health equity and whole-person care, with agencies actively working toward addressing the root causes of poor outcomes by understanding social vulnerabilities. This requires…[MORE…].

Interview with CEO and Author, Jeb Dunkelberger

In any industry, it’s rare to find a C-suite leader who talks “inside baseball on the outside, sharing views with candor that’s normally reserved for the boardroom. Jeb is the author of over one hundred articles about improving the healthcare industry, and has held executive roles for Fortune 5 companies, and part of some of Silicon Valley’s most disruptive health…[MORE…].

Informatics, Nursing Shortages, and Digital Transformation

Today, nursing informatics is among the mission critical roles in healthcare. Its leaders are accountable for many challenges and needs including clinical team workflow, staffing and retention, supply chain, informatics solution development and implementation (now with IT, of course), digital transformation…[MORE…].

"Hard" vs. "Soft" Healthcare: A New Framing for Patient Engagement

Health systems and hospitals are losing revenue and patients in an escalating competition for care services. Challengers—including major retail, pharmacy, telemedicine, and virtual health brands—are thriving, in part by strategically reframing patients as consumers.

That’s not news. But there’s another reframing they’re doing, which today’s guest calls “hard vs. soft healthcare.”…[MORE…]

The State and Science of Digital Maturity at US Health Providers

Healthcare provider organizations are in the midst of dramatic change and dynamic pressure. The combination of low margins, increasing competition, and the requirement to adapt to changing expectations of patients, payers, and clinicians force changes to survive and thrive.

Hospitals are grappling with intersecting initiatives to[MORE…]

Performance Enhancement: An Essential Process for Success

As operating margins tighten and staffing challenges intensify, providers face increasing pressure to deliver high-quality care at a lower cost. Performance Enhancement (PE) is a new process helping providers measure, understand, and improve outcomes, costs, and efficiency. In his new [MORE…]

Key Factors for Boosting Contract Performance for Providers

How can providers improve their ability to meet the business and clinical performance targets in their contracts? With tighter operating margins and rising costs, it’s a critical concern shared by provider organizations in both the fee-for-service and value-based worlds. Here to help us answer that question…[MORE]

Dr. David Nash: Author, How COVID Crashed the System

How can providers improve their ability to meet the business and clinical performance targets in their contracts? 

With tighter operating margins and rising costs, it’s a critical concern shared by provider organizations in both the fee-for-service and value-based worlds. Here to help[MORE]

FHIR: The First Step in the Journey to Data Readiness

Provider organizations recognize the crucial importance to undergo digital transformation, as a key means of managing some of the biggest challenges ever experienced across the industry. This includes skyrocketing healthcare costs, constricting operating margins, contractual obligation to improve care quality and outcomes, and…[MORE]

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