I’m a strategy and business development leader – with strengths in sales development and marketing.

I’ve also had extensive experience as a healthcare provider, patent holder and health industry media host and influencer. 


♦  Currently, I’m reviewing and in discussions on full-time employment opportunities in business development, marketing communications, and/or product innovation for healthcare or health tech organizations. 

♦  Also, I advise companies – strictly on a paid basis


My purpose and passion is rooted in leading and managing business development and market growth for healthcare organizations.

I also carry experience in business models, consumer behavior, persuasive communication, high-level networking, intellectual property, different healthcare segments, business models, plus product and service creation and improvement.

A Unique Background:

 Led and developed successful strategic digital business tactics to drive marketing & sales and customer acquisition revenue by 440%.
 Integrated powerful technology to transform a 2-person call center into a profit center handling 3,500 live calls per day
 Granted multiple patents in the area of health payer claims, COB, TPL, subrogation, and liability claims. Patent Numbers: 8,069,058 and 8,688,470
In 2017, I founded the fast-growing RED HOT HEALTHCARE podcast. After more than 50 leadership shows in 2017 and over 35,000 downloads, it has become one of the fastest-growing healthcare industry listens. In addition, I grew a vast network of C-suite leaders and key-decision makers.
Built and grew one of the largest chiropractic practices in central Virginia (10,000+ patients)

I’ve done some introspective on myself through testing via Birkman©, StrengthsFinder© and Myers-Briggs©, with the following high-level findings, per my skills & talents.

  • Organizational focus: strategy/design/marketing – environments that emphasize innovating, creating, and motivating
  • Areas of interest: persuasion, scientific, and media
  • Leadership behaviors: utilizing knowledge, personal expertise, social & corporate adaptability, as well as constant self-development
  • Capacities: social interaction, empathy, dealing with change, and personal independence


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That aside, get to know just a few of my thoughts and insights by downloading my FREE WHITE PAPER on patient engagement and consumerism. This will give you 7 NO-NO’s that you want to recognize and avoid – so that you optimize and increase revenue and results!

There’s the RED HOT healthcare podcast – featured on I Tunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and many major podcast outlets. Many great healthcare leaders from the top medical and tech sector leaders and needle-movers. Subscribe and take a listen!

Plus, I initiated the RED HOT Cadre of Contributors – a growing best practice army contributing to the industry.


Recently I published 3 MINUTES – my suspenseful thriller novel about the crash of United Flight 93 (now on Amazon). A very unique twist on the plight of those passenger and flight crew heroes on that fateful day. A portion of proceeds will be donated to Families of Flight 93 Memorial Fund.