♦  Currently, I’m reviewing and in discussions on full-time employment opportunities in growth, strategy, and business development for providers or trusted vendors to providers.

♦  I am NOT interested in working for payers – except if they are integrated, or have a separate division that serves providers (ex: United Health Group/Optum).

♦  My passion is working in efforts related to growing healthcare consumers/patients…and expanding the provider’s footprint of service.

♦  Also, I advise companies – strictly on a paid basis. 

FEEL LIKE DOING A LITTLE FISHING TO LEARN MORE?  CLICK HERE or on the image to see my highly diversity, unique experience and skill set, via my Résumé.

My purpose and passion is rooted in leading and managing patient growth for hospitals, health systems, and other providers who are in expansion mode.

Think of me as a Chief Patient Growth Officer. An asset that stresses the need to think and act in a free-market, competitive mindset to capture the long-term loyalty of local and remote patients. 

This is NOT the same as patient engagement, patient experience, or activating the current patient base for a provider.

I worked as a leader who drew information from company marketing, finance, investment, IT, patient experience, operations, customer service, and then creates and executes on strategy and team tactics/goals thereafter. It was true in consumer lending…and it is just as relevant for today’s healthcare market.

As healthcare moves into the new world of risk-bearing outcomes, you’d better be thinking beyond just optimizing on the Triple Aim and meeting MACRA benchmarks.  

While Triple Aim ‘holes’ are being plugged in the bottom of the bucket, my drive is to increase the amount of good water coming in. For providers, value-based care means taking on risk and lowering costs, but quality patient volume will remain a major linchpin for sustaining growth.

What I Do

Understanding and tapping into consumer, customer, and patient behavior, especially in times of stress, is something that I have always thrived in. Pain and suffering, not only in health – but also in personal financial situations where individuals were one payment away from bankruptcy.

Often it is in these times of stress and confusion, that proper consumer communication and use of motivation, ability, and trigger to get them to take desired action. 

Tomorrow’s providers will need to compete and win on the consumer-to-patient AND inactive-to-activated patient front. Being able to analyze local and remote markets, utilize patient data and analytics, compete and capture new patient markets, while delivering cost-effective and high quality outcomes. Then utilize the means to scale and sustain those successful operations and results.

In other words…use smart marketing, engagement, and telehealth to both capture and grow your patient patient. This leads to opportunities to solidify M&A and smart partnering, when needing to draw remote consulting into rendering subsequent in-office treatment and services. It’s the 1990’s again…and providers of all sizes should be creating and refining their growth and expansion strategy.

In my last position, I led a terrific team that grew revenue (solely from one​ ​initiative) by 440% to $625,000 per month. In addition, I stepped in to a passive, ‘call-returning’ customer service department, and transformed it into a 2-person juggernaut handling (in real-time) up to 3,500 calls/day. All of this in dealing with millions of customers who while employed, came under a financial emergency they couldn’t handle through their paycheck-to-paycheck situation.  

Apart from my core work, I also carry experience in business models, consumer behavior, persuasive communication, high-level networking, intellectual property, wide-ranging knowledge of different healthcare segments, business models, plus product and service creation and improvement.

A Unique Background:

Critical thinking has always played a big part in my ability to separate causes vs. consequences. I employ methods such as breaking big problems into smaller components, defining problem statements, asking focused questions, and looking through new lenses to not duplicate past failure – and arrive at new solutions. I did this both on an individual and group level – especially in highly competitive consumer, customer, and patient markets.

Spent 20 years as a health provider, where I drove growth and quality care. I treated more than 50 patients per day, as part of successful consumer-to-patient transitioning – so I know the consumer and patient mindset, especially with regard to communicating on financial and care concerns.
 Created a unique & patented system for healthcare subrogation (2 issues U.S. patents – software)
Created a health payer / P&C claims cost containment solution (2 issued U.S. patents – software)
Sold healthcare practice. Moved to Manhattan Beach, CA to care for the needs of my aging father
 Stepped away from health care, where I transitioned to leading strategy. Directed a terrific marketing team, which grew revenue in just a single marketing operation by 440% – to $625,000 per month
Stepped away to get back to my passion in health care – recognizing the need for, and my specialty in consumer, customer, and patient engagement and growth.
I carry a wide & diverse knowledge base and skill set – plus growing influence/connections with many healthcare industry leaders.

Many of us have great talents and skills – and not always in the ‘expected’ areas. For some companies, they are simply looking to grow from within – though I believe that there are often unseen limitations and confirmation biases in this approach. 

I’ve done some introspective on myself through testing via Birkman©, StrengthsFinder© and Myers-Briggs©, with the following high-level findings, per my skills & talents.

  • Organizational focus: strategy/design/marketing – like environments that emphasize innovating, creating, and motivating clients
  • Areas of interest: persuasion, scientific, and media
  • Leadership behaviors: utilizing knowledge, personal expertise, social & corporate adaptability, and constant self-development
  • Capacities: social interaction, empathy, dealing with change, and personal independence
  • Additionally
    • Transformer of obstacles into opportunities
    • Venturing beyond the familiar and obvious
    • Lateral thinker
    • Fresh creator and developer of new models and initiatives (esp. with connecting unique areas to create business ideas/campaigns/tactics)
    • Heavy attention to updating, improving, and repairing
    • Enjoy leading and working within teams doing important work
    • A consummate problem-solver
    • Understanding of developing / writing patents
    • Wide-reaching healthcare influencer 
    • A 20+ year background in musculoskeletal health and degenerative spinal conditions

Now you know a bit more about me…and I’d like to know more about you. So let’s SCHEDULE AN INITIAL CALL. Here we can discuss your challenges, needs, and expectations. 

And make it good – because I love executing on challenges!


That aside, get to know just a few of my thoughts and insights by downloading my FREE WHITE PAPER on patient engagement and consumerism. This will give you 7 NO-NO’s that you want to recognize and avoid – so that you optimize and increase revenue and results!

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