Yesawich Email Response

Hi Peter,

I enjoyed our initial conversation last week. Having caught up on pending work, I’m at a point where I can write back and share a bit more.

This email type is unique, and I thought it best for sharing more about myself with you. I look forward to speaking again, and perhaps meeting personally.

– Steve


Today’s healthcare environment is the perfect storm for an organization like CTCA. Its focus on good patient service is something embraced, built-upon, and re-invested in over many decades. Often, other health systems and academic hospitals ‘feel forced’ to add a dimension of hospitality and better experience, which they never built into or counted on needing with their model.

Affordability of drugs, care, and coverage will continue to be a growing issue for many Americans. However, recent reports show increases in the number of millionaire households, increasing by 1.3 million since 2006. CTCA has naturally felt the tightening of insurance, but it’s always been ahead of the curve on strength of model and trying not to exceed its core strengths and service segments.

There is a difference between health care as a practice and health care as a business. These two work best and thrive best, upon utilizing the proper operating model, including investment in mission, strategy and culture. Moreover, in marketing, capturing, and servicing proper consumer & patient types. Unlike academic hospitals, Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) focused early on a for-profit consumer-driven model of growth that embraced a culture and model based on principles of quality and competition.

For many years in practice, I watched many talented chiropractors carry empty waiting rooms. They simply believed that the word would ‘get out’ about their skill – soon they had to as well. Thriving chiropractic doctors were those who recognized, planned and executed on a consumer-centric approach. It wasn’t just delivering care…it was recognizing and embracing a competition-based landscape to growth.


Understanding and tapping into consumer behavior, especially in times of stress, is something that I have always thrived in. Pain and suffering, not only in health – but also in personal financial situations where individuals were one payment away from bankruptcy. Often it is in these times of stress and confusion, that proper consumer communication and use of motivation, ability, and trigger to get them to take desired action.

CTCA is consumer-centered, and has done a tremendous job of thriving in a model that it has largely mastered. However, it still has connections to the very real unraveling of health payer tightening. Connecting disparate ideas, technologies, models, and partners is an area where I can add tremendous value, as the company’s growth will mean change and certain innovation.

I am not corporate. My certification has been my real-world success. For many years, I personally saw more than 50 patients per day. The local Richmond, Virginia media, often highly conservative in its medical favoritism, chose to reach out to interview me on numerous TV and radio interview segments. Even in my ‘greener’ years, persuasive communication and networking ran through my blood.

After transitioning into the world of online consumer loans, I led a terrific team that grew revenue (solely from external email) by 440% to $625,000 per month. In addition, I stepped in to add new technology and overhauled a small call center that was able to handle up to 3,500 nationwide calls a day. That company, IT Media, carried millions of customers acquired by online lead-and-sell technology.


While presently unfamiliar on the specifics for CTCA’s growth and expansion plan for the next 1-3 years, I see myself as working directly under you Peter. At times, leading and working through one or more teams, plus internal and external resources. Developing tactics, models, partnerships, and strategies to not only grow and add market share in the cancer consumer and patient markets, but also to broaden CTCA’s reach into more ways to add consumer value and revenue.

As insurance tightens, an emphasis must be on refining and perhaps innovating on new models and systems to gain quantity on qualified patients, plus discovering partnering opportunities. Initial thoughts seek to find new and unique ways to reach those target consumer markets, directly and indirectly. Moreover, to find servicing opportunities, which may include taking a portion of the patient’s care journey – rather than looking for entirety.

To the core mission of CTCA, I will certainly add my time, efforts, and value toward continuing to improve the patient experience and hospitality that has added such positives for the company over nearly 30 years.

Finally…always learning, growing and improving myself and those I am able to positively effect.


As we both know, life ongoing teaches us so many lessons about ourselves and the way we interact with others. My wife is actually reading a book now called Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson. The premise is that everyone has something they’re good at – but many don’t recognize it as their innate talent.

I’ve done some introspective on myself through testing via Birkman, StrengthsFinder and Myers-Briggs, with the following high-level findings, per my skills & talents.

  • Organizational focus: strategy/design/marketing – like environments that emphasize innovating, creating, and motivating clients
  • Areas of interest: persuasive, scientific, and media
  • Leadership behaviors: utilizing knowledge, personal expertise, social & corporate adaptability, and constant self-development
  • Capacities: social interaction, empathy, dealing with change, and personal independence
  • Additionally:
    • Transformer of obstacles into opportunities
    • Venture beyond the familiar and obvious
    • Lateral thinker
    • Fresh ideator (esp. with connecting unique areas to create business ideas/campaigns/tactics)
    • Heavy attention to updating, improving, and repairing
    • Enjoy leading and working within teams doing important work
    • Problem solver


  • Grew a solo practice from scratch, to grow into one of the larger chiropractic practices in the town of Richmond, VA
  • Patented 4 different technologies in software
  • Stepped out of health care to successfully lead strategy and teams in a high-pressure financial segment with millions of emotionally-charged consumer customers
  • Developed a highly-engaging healthcare leader podcast (RED HOT Healthcare). My list of guests are highly sought-after. The show has grown to eclipse 20,000 downloads in under 6 months (blend of senior healthcare leaders + healthcare consumer listeners)
  • Red Hot Healthcare website frequently under 140,000 Alexa U.S. ranking
  • Connected with thousands of high-level healthcare executives
  • Wrote a fictional thriller about United Flight 93 called 3 MINUTES. Now on Amazon in paperback/kindle – portion of proceeds donated to Families of Flight 93 Memorial Fund.
  • Skydived from 12,500 feet – WATCH VIDEO

CLICK on any of the following Peter, and listen to some of my most recent podcast shows.

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Peter, I hope that this provides you with enough to get a better idea of the diverse background, experience, and unique value that I can deliver to CTCA. Many different thoughts on my mind, and I’m sure these will be added to, and refined as I learn more about the organization.

My intent is to deliver an incredible amount of value to the CTCA organization, its consumer base, and you as its Chief Growth Officer. I welcome our next communication, and look forward to meeting you personally.