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Zebra Medical vision looks to offer AI-assisted imaging scans for $1


Zebra Medical Vision

Israeli machine-learning radiology firm Zebra Medical Vision said today it plans to launch its AI1 automated imaging analytics tools to healthcare providers for approximately $1 per scan.

The company said it has developed a deep learning engine platform that can detect various medical findings from image scans on its own, including the detection of liver, lung, cardiovascular and bone disease.

Zebra Medical Vision said it is also planning to introduce new capabilities that would cover breast cancer, lung cancer, brain trauma, hypertension and other clinical areas.

“With this new model, we hope to facilitate adoption globally, especially in countries where access to radiology is difficult. We are making a commitment to provide our current tools, and all future ones, for a flat $1 USD per scan. By doing so we believe that a true difference can be made in the provision of radiology services worldwide,” co-founder & CEO Elad Benjamin said in a press release.

The system is designed to integrate findings into PACS and RIS systems for easier reading and reporting, and is currently deployed at over 50 hospitals with over 1 million images analyzed to date, the company said.

Last May, Zebra Medical Vision raised $12 million to support its imaging analytics platform.


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